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Building a Transformational Gift Culture - 2018 Montana Nonprofit Association Conference

We all want to see increased donations. Your mission is compelling, you’ve hired (or are) a development staff person able to ask for gifts, and your board has donor connections. If the pieces are there, why haven’t they come together to build a successful transformational or major gift program? In this session we will discuss clear strategies to creating a culture of philanthropy and securing major gifts. You will learn strategies, tools, and methods you can take with you to begin tomorrow. We will also discuss your specific challenges and brainstorm ideas to help you gain more traction.

Prezi Presentation: “Building a Transformational Gift Culture", presented at 2018 Montana Nonprofit Association Conference, October 4, 2018 by Barker, Joel D.

GRS - BoD - fundraising or development conversation for board giving (2011-3)