Our services

Our team is uniquely positioned to provide truly client-centered, expert-oriented counsel that supports you in achieving your goals.

Our clients have included nonprofits, emerging companies, and small businesses providing services in a variety of sectors, including: Health Care, Human Services, Environmental Causes, Education, Local Government, Arts and Culture, Economic Development, Disability Services, Manufacturing, Engineering, and many others.

Drawing from a deep well of business and nonprofit expertise, our team successfully balances clients’ immediate and long-term needs with the growing expectations of your clients, donors, and strategic partners.

Common services offered by our team:

  • Fundraising / Development Consulting (Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Systems Improvement Projects (Nonprofit Organizations and Small Businesses)
  • Technology - Evaluations, RFP Guidance, and Direct Services (Nonprofit Organizations and Small Businesses)
  • Family Foundation and Business Philanthropic Counsel (Nonprofit Organizations and Small Businesses)
  • Marketing (Nonprofit Organizations and Small Businesses)

Our Mission

To be a trusted partner centered on our clients' mission. We seek to add strategic capacity and identify opportunities for growth, understanding, and change.

Great River Strategies helped bring focus and understanding for how to move forward with new services and growth. Without their guidance, we’d be lost.
— Dr. Steven Arnold, Pivot Point

What We've Achieved

  • Created a strategic development plan, marketing strategy, and coached major gift planning to guide statewide nonprofit in achieving a 1 year, $200,000 campaign three months ahead of schedule.

  • Tripled fundraising gross revenue from $960K to $4.15M, and more than nine times net return, from $266K to $3.10M.

  • Led budget restructuring resulting in payoff of $50,000 operating debt (12% of budget) and creating a $70,000 operating reserve, and annual operating surplus.

  • Facilitated launch of new partnership program which has received national recognition and awards, and expanded to other locations around the United States.

  • Reviewed over 100 nonprofit grant application and provided detailed summary and funding recommendations, and participate in final grant award discussions and decisions.

  • Created and lead technology RFP process for statewide agency resulting in a 34% ($40,000) savings in services.

  • Restructured business and technology systems resulting in over $75,000 in cost savings and improved service delivery.

  • Advised and designed process improvement for grant cycle, including improved application process.